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CFC International relies on the support of individuals, corporations and foundations to fund its programs and research initiatives. Your tax deductible contribution is incredibly meaningful to the patient community and to the organization whose work is dedicated to their future. On behalf of all those individuals and their families who will benefit from CFC Syndrome research, we thank you very much for your help.

Donate Now Online

Donate now via Network for Good:

Donate now via PayPal:

Purchase CFC Bravelets

For every Bravelets product purchased $10 will be donated to CFC International.
Catalog and more information:

Honor a Birthday, Special Occasion, Tribute or a Memorial Gift

Donate in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. There has never been a time of greater optimism in the field of CFC syndrome research. CFC International gives hope to families living with Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome individuals. The need for funding continues to grow as advances are made. Every contribution is so important, regardless of size, and makes a difference. Your donation is an investment toward improved treatments and more accurate diagnosis. CFC International depends upon your support to keep our work going.
To donate by mail, please make a check payable to CFC International and send to:

CFC International
183 Brown Road
Vestal, NY 13850

Click here to load the mail-in donation form. Print it and mail it with your check.
You can quickly and safely donate to CFC International on line. Just click on the icon for Network for Good. "Donate Now!"

Workplace Giving

This is a convenient way to express your continued commitment to CFC International's mission, and perhaps even double or triple your contribution.

More than 3,000 companies, foundations and institutions offer their employees the benefits of a "Matching Gift" program. If you have already made a gift to CFC International, or are about to make one, please check with human resources, personnel or benefits department (for both you and your spouse) to determine if your company has a matching gift program. Many employers will match the gifts of their retired employees too, as well as the spouse, widow or widower of retired employees.

Many families and friends have taken advantage of the annual United Way program at their place of employment. Each year we receive donations that come through the annual United Way drive. If your place of employment participates in the United Way Campaign please contact CFC International and we will send you our EIN number for our non-profit organization so you too can help donate through this program.

You may also want your company to know you support CFC International. Encouraging your company to become a corporate sponsor may be easier than you think. No matter what the size of the donation, it all adds up. This is a convenient way to express your continued commitment to CFC International's mission, and perhaps even double or triple your contribution.

Planned Giving

You can give through your will, gift annuities, charitable trusts, etc. Planned giving is a form of donating to CFC International that benefits you and your family personally while ensuring that CFC International will have the resources to carry out its mission in the years to come. We encourage you to speak with your attorney to help you plan a lasting gift to CFC International that best suits the needs of you and your family.

Fundraising Events

In hosting a fundraising event to raise donations for CFC International, you follow in the footsteps of many volunteers who have initiated grassroots events to form the financial groundwork for this organization. Volunteers have hosted many, varied fundraising events, including sales of all kinds, golf tournaments, letter campaigns, chili cookoffs, and wine tasting dinners. If you wish to host such an event, please complete the “Fundraising Event Guidelines” form and forward it to the organization office. To learn more about hosting an event to benefit children with CFC, please call Judy Doyle at 330-725-1490. View and print the Fundraising Event Guidelines


You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.
- Winston Churchill

There are many kinds of volunteers, and at CFC International we think there is a very important role for all of them. Some volunteers are quite sophisticated and know more about fund raising than many professionals. Others have generous spirits and are willing to be involved in a noble cause to make a difference. And then there are those that simply "spread the word" with great passion and engage others to volunteer and support the cause.
Often time children and young adults are terrific volunteers. They are dedicated, enthusiastic, and willing to accept real responsibility. In the process, they learn an important lesson...the value of "volunteerism".

Volunteers are a critical resource in helping CFC International achieves its mission. Each year we set our goals higher, and in order to reach those goals, we need you! And remember, when you give, you also truly receive. Whatever you choose to do, it is the "doing" that matters.

If you've been putting off getting involved, think about this...

Research in the past year has uncovered the genes that cause CFC Syndrome.  The more awareness there is about CFC Syndrome, the more money will be raised. The more money raised, the more intense the research will be. The more intense the research, the faster treatment programs will be made available to individuals who live with CFC Syndrome. Just imagine what could happen if we worked together to increase awareness and funding.
You may also be able to make a difference through in-kind giving. The generous donation of products and services allow CFC International to use its valuable resources for programmatic activities.

Gifts In Kind:

  • Venue to hold fundraising events
  • Portable LCD Projector (new, used or loaned)
  • laptop computer with Windows XP capacity (new or used)
  • Airline frequent flyer mile certificates
  • Hotel certificates (major chains)  
  • Gift items or certificates for special events 
  • Stationery and paper goods
  • Basic office supplies

Professional Services:

  • Printing and Graphic Services
  • Certified Public Accounting Services
  • Celebrity Contacts/Relations
  • Interactive Website design and support
  • Grant Writer to assist with grant applications
  • Professional Writer to provide writing and editing skills
  • Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Academic Research Institution Relations
  • Manufacturer, Vendor, or Service Provider to target a product's or event's proceeds to CFC International

If you have items or services not listed above, please contact us. We'd love to explore other opportunities with you.

Volunteers with CFC International are integral partners contributing valuable resources (time, knowledge, skills, and leadership). It is your energy, passion and belief in CFC International that makes your contribution so effective. Join us and be part of the movement that is changing medical history.

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